Outdoor Paving

This piece of work involved paving the front and back using paving mold as per image on the left.

Simply select the mould style and we will use it to create a unique paving for your house.

To provide this elegant view of the house, our handyman created a shingle boarder with a weed control fabric to enhance the look of the existing plants.

Lastly, the external walls were painted to a new colour to create a unique look on the streets.



Before Paving





Before Paving

AFTER: Paving Sidewalk

Building the framework for the decking

Adding decking boards

Decking complete

Decking vanished


Building a decking area

Building a decking area in a back garden involves removing trees and shrubs to clear the area before leveling. The decking framework is first built before adding each decking board. Once vanished, the flower pot was built using the remaining decking boards.

Moving a shed

Dismantling the shed, moving, assembling and creating a concrete floor.

Dismantling the shed

Shed new location

Moving shed

Cement base on new location

Old shed base

Old base cleared

Shed Moved


Gutter cleaning at rear of house above a conservatory. Then cleaning the top of the conservatory.

Repairing a leak from flat roof

Exposing the leak; Opening the flat roof slabs; Apply damp proof membrane to seal the roof; repair leak and repaint.

Internal leak from flat roof

Exposing the leak

Source of Leak

Remove slabs from roof to fix leak

Adding damp proof membrane

Re-apply slabs over damp proof membrane

Cover slabs with damp proof membrane


Mowing and treating lawns; trimming edges and  trees; turning soil; raising bed;  laying new turf

Garden Before (1)

Garden After (1)

Garden Before (2)

Garden After (2)

Building with wood

Building a fence

Building a wooden gate

Repairing pavement

BEFORE: Loose pavement

AFTER: Pavement repaired

BEFORE: Loose Bricks

AFTER: Bricks Repaired