1. Building an En-suite shower and tiling.

Extending the pipes from existing bathroom for a new sink and shower. Photos for this project is found here.

2. Changing kitchen sink

Changing a leaking sink with a broken tap fixed onto a rotten wooden worktop in a rented flat.

3. Fix water leakage under upstairs bathtub and re-tiling

Removing tiles from bathroom wall to access and change the 'Pushfit Compressor Tee Valve' causing the leak. Re-tiling the area with tiles that closely match the original.

4. Changing a shower area to a bathtub and tiling bath area

Removing existing shower. Preparing the bathtub area, tiling the wall and installing the bathtub.

5. Locate and repair leak behind en-suite sink/toilet.

Removing existing toilet, sink and tiles. Locate the leak and repair. Re-tile the damaged area. Refit existing sink and toilet.

6. Changing a bathroom sink

Building an en-suite shower room

Original pipework in room

Pipe extension for shower

Waste pipe from shower tray

Complete shower

Changing the kitchen sink

BEFORE: Original Sink and tap

Water leaking onto worktop and into cupboards

Original sink and tap removed

Worktop cut and new sink fitted

Rotten worktop cut out and replaced

Original Sink tap refitted

New pipes fitted

AFTER: New sink installed as requested by landlord

Fix water leakage under upstairs bathtub

Removing bathroom sealant

Removing tile and plasterboard to access leak.

Repair plasterboard after fixing leak.

Re-tiling the bathroom wall

Tiling complete after fixing leak

Repairing sink seal

Original sink

New seal applied to sink

Changing a shower to a bathtub

Existing shower

Shower removed from bathroom

Complete bathtub

Complete bathtub

Locate leak behind sink/toilet and repair

Signs of leak

Removing tiles to access leak

Bathroom after fixing leak

Toilet & Sink refitted. Wall prepared for tiling

After: New tiles, original Sink and toilet

Changing a bathroom sink

Existing sink

New sink

Bathroom before laminating

Finish tiling Bathroom

Tiling downstairs toilet

Finished downstairs toilet

BEFORE: Re-grouting shower tiles to prevent leak

AFTER: Tiles re-grouted and Shower re-sealed

IN PROGRESS - Re-grouting Kitchen tiles

IN PROGRESS - Cleaning tiles after re-grouting

AFTER - Re-grouting complete


1. Removing vinyl and tiling bathroom floors.

Tiling a family bathroom and a downstairs toilet. Both rooms involves removing the vinyl from the floor, preparing the floor before tiling.

2. Tiling an en-suite bathroom

Tiling the walls and floor of a new en-suite bathroom.

3. Re-grouting tiles

Re-grouting the walls and/or floor of a bathroom/shower room/kitchen.

4. Tiling a Kitchen

Tiling above a kitchen workshop with stone tiles and installing a splash back


Projects to remove existing carpet and laying laminate in the requested location (bedroom, living room, corridor and/or storage area under stairs)

This includes:

  • Removing the carpet and underlay from the rooms and disposing it.
  • Prepare and clean the floor
  • Lay the underlay and laminate carefully.
  • Apply bidding on the edge or adding new scatting boards
  • Add door strips where necessary.


Laminating a living room and corridor

Laminating a bedroom

Laminating a bedroom

Laminate complete with new scatting board

Laminating a living room and corridor

Living Room cleared

Laying Laminate

Living Room Laminate complete

Underlay for corridor

Corridor complete

Corridor complete

Corridor complete

Laminating a double living room

Room before Laminating

Removing carpet

Carpet removed

Laminating floor

Laminate complete for Living room 1

Laminate complete in Living Room 1

Carpet removed from 2nd Living room

Laminating the 2nd living room

Laminate complete for 2nd living room

Laminate complete for 2nd living room

New spot light in shower room

Fixing a wall socket

New sockets and bedside lights

Before: Chandelier

Before: Living room chandelier

After: New Living room lights

After: New Living room lights

Extending a wall socket

Extending a wall socket

Extending a wall socket

Extending a wall socket

Before: Changing cloakroom fan and light

After: Changing cloakroom fan and light


Qualified Electrician
1.En-suite shower room: Fix spotlights and electric extractor fan
2. Fixing or adding new wall sockets
3. Adding two bedside lights
4. Fixing chandelier in living room
5. Changing switches
6. Adding external security lights to properties
7. Running electrics to a shed
8. Changing cloakroom light and fan