Re-decorating a bedroom

This project was to re-decorate a room and build an en-suite shower for an elderly couple. This includes:

  • Removing the carpet, underlay and old floorboards from the rooms and disposing it.
  • Remove existing wall paper and ceiling
  • Install ceiling cornice and paint
  • Prepare and clean the floor and walls
  • Repair cracks and fix new wall paper
  • Fix plasterboard on ceiling and apply textile design
  • Fix new floor boards, lay the underlay and laminate floor carefully.
  • Apply new scatting board on the edge
  • Add door strips where necessary
  • Create a stud wall for the en-suite bathroom.

For more information and pictures for the en-suite bathroom, please see "Building an en-suite shower room" below.


Bedroom before

Bedroom floor before

Bedroom before

Wallpaper removed from bedroom

Removing the carpet from bedroom

Removing damaged floorboards

Fit new floorboards in the bedroom

Removing the original ceiling

Fitting new plasterboard on ceiling

Finish wallpaper and plasterboard on ceiling

Apply texture on ceiling and fix cornice

Fix laminate in the bedroom

Finished laminate in the bedroom

Finished re-decorated room

Building stud wall for ensuite

Testing shower tray in bathroom

Installing spotlights

HandymanTK installs stud wall for new en-suite shower room

Re-enforced stud wall

Finished entrance to en-suite bathroom

Hardybacker (cement board) used on bathroom wall

Sealing (waterproofing) the bathroom wall

Tanking complete. Bathroom sealed.

Handyman tiling shower room wall and floor

Tiling bathroom wall and floor

Grouting the tiles

Complete tiling of the shower

HandymanTK installs new sink in shower room

New sink in en-suite shower

HandymanTK installs shower door in new shower room

Installed shower door

Building an en-suite shower room

As part of re-decorating the bedroom, we were asked to build an en-suite bathroom.

  • Building the partition wall
  • Wiring spot lights to the bathroom
  • Wiring the extractor fan
  • Extending the water pipes for the shower and sink
  • Creating the drainage for the shower and sink
  • Sealing the bathroom walls
  • Tiling bathroom walls and floor
  • Fix sink, shower and shower tray
  • Fix shower door

Painting and decorating

Projects to decorate various homes which includes but not limited to:

  • Filling cracks on walls and ceiling
  • Repairing damaged walls and ceiling
  • Treating damp on walls and ceiling
  • Removing and replacing walls and ceiling
  • Painting walls, ceilings, cornice, picture rails, scatting board
  • Painting/vanishing stair case railings
  • Sanding, repairing and painting doors
  • Paint wooden windows
Before and After pictures of Handyman TK repairing damaged ceiling.

Removing and re-fitting kitchen ceiling

Fixing Damaged Wall

Before and After pictures of Handyman TK painting wall

Painting over wall paper

Before and After pictures of Handyman TK painting ceiling

Painting kitchen ceiling

Before and After pictures of Handyman TK fixing cracks in a bedroom

Fixing cracks in bedroom

Before and After pictures of Handyman TK fixing cracks in a hallway

Restore Radiator Wall

Before and After pictures of Handyman TK painting doors

Paint room doors

Before and After pictures of Handyman TK painting outdoor windows

Paint porch window

Window in bathroom requires painting by Handyman TK

Before: Bathroom window

Window in bathroom painted by Handyman TK

After: Bathroom window

AFTER: Hallway

AFTER: Stairway

AFTER: Living room wall

Room before redecoration

Room before redecoration

Protecting room from dust

Removing wallpaper

Extending the wall plugs

Plastering the Ceiling

Plastering the whole room

Apply first base coat of paint

Three base coats applied to the room

Finished wall with bedside light and new wall sockets

Finished Painting

Finished Room

Re-decorating a bedroom

This project involves re-decorating a large bedroom. In summary the owner requested we remove the old wall paper that has been painted over, add some additional wall plugs, bedside lights, plaster walls and ceiling (inc. curved corners), change main room light, change switch and paint walls, ceiling and scatting board.

Carpeting a loft

Prepare floor before laying underlay. Add the carpet grippers before laying and stretching the carpet.

Loft before carpeting

Loft before carpeting

Carpet Prep and laying underlay

Prep and Underlay complete

Laying carpet

Carpeting complete

Changing a Kitchen Sink

Changing a leaking sink with a broken tap fixed onto a rotten wooden worktop in a rented flat.

HandymanTK needs to change this leaking tap and sink with blocked pipes

BEFORE: Original Sink and tap

Water leaking onto worktop and into cupboards

Original sink and tap removed

Worktop cut and new sink fitted

Rotten worktop cut out and replaced

HandymanTK has changed sink and unblocked pipes

Original Sink tap refitted

New pipes fitted

AFTER: New sink installed as requested by landlord