Textured Ceiling

Yes! A ceiling with a textured design. Of course handyman can also redecorate your ceiling to give you that clean smooth white ceiling that you will see in most homes. However, if you want some character to your ceiling, he can create a textured design. In this project, he has created a circular textured design with covings at the edge.

To achieve this, handymanTK  first needed to change the he whole ceiling as the previous one was not plasterboard. After replacing the ceiling with plasterboard, he primed the ceiling to ensure a high quality finish of the textured design. Once the textured paint was applied to the ceiling, he then used a sponge to create the nice circular design.

If you require your ceiling redecorated, contact HandymanTK.

Textured ceiling and cornice
Textured ceiling and cornice

Of course, he will also deliver a professional finish for those who require a smooth ceiling as shown below:

Before Kids Bedroom ceiling
Kids bedroom ceiling in progress
After Kids bedroom ceiling

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